Thursday, 18 February 2016


I took her to my house, she took her bath, ate and rested. After a while we started discussing.

I was able to discover some unique characteristics about my new found friend

She is beautiful and caring

She is helpful and hardworking

She can safe a life and help the helpless

She can create employment to the unemployed

She have the power to transform the the economy of any nation to a better phase

She can boost the economy

She can improve and increase the standard of living of the people in which she dwell

She has the ability to give sound health and a prolonged years of living

She can make the nation in which dwell famous and self independent

She can help her siblings (industrial sector, petroleum, etc)

She(Agriculture) can do more than what had been listed above

But I, Adelowo Ayodeji can not re-position agriculture back alone, let us all join forces together to make this possible.

We admonish our Federal government, State governments, Local governments, local leaders, Non-governmental organizations, the general public, influencial people and individuals to see agriculture has  a sector that improve and promote our economy.

We thereby indulge the above mentioned people to channel there resources to empower agricultural sector.

God bless us!!!
God bless Nigerians!!!
God bless African!!!
God bless the World!!