Thursday, 9 June 2016


There is an old story in which few workers will be shifting bricks from one place to another.


An visitor approaches and enquires one of them “What are you doing?”

 The worker responds “I am carrying a load of bricks from here to there”

The visitor asked the man again “What are you doing?” The worker shouts back angrily

“Can’t you see, I am carrying bricks from here to there! Don’t you have eyes?”

The visitor left the worker alone and asked several other workers and to his surprise all of them

answered in the same angry and stressed tone.

The visitor was upset. After much time, he finally reached one person who looked happy and asked

 him “What are you doing?”

The person replied “We are carrying bricks to build the corner walls.

We are building a beautiful church”

The visitor became happy & moved on.

This story is a good example for visions and their power.

The workers, who shouted with anger, appeared stressful because they did not know as to why they
are carrying such a load of bricks; THEY DO NOT KNOW THE END GOAL OR RESULT..

But the worker who was happy knew the end goal and the result of his work. He knew how every brick helped the construction of the church; hence he felt that his work is meaningful.

If an entrepreneur doesn’t have a clear vision, then he will move in different directions wasting a lot time, effort, energy & money. The end result is Frustration.

What is a vision? Vision is a clear picture of the future you want to be in. The picture should be detailed and precise.

Have you observed, if you just imagine a car with some emotion, you will start seeing similar cars in TV, newspapers and roads? This is exactly the power of vision. Once you have clear vision, life will start working towards your advantage.

Mahatma Gandhi had a vision of seeing India free and this vision inspired millions of people and finally everything worked towards the success of its vision.

What is stopping you from having a vision?

→ Is it that, you are not exactly sure what you want?

→ Are you afraid that your vision will not come true?

→ Are you afraid that your vision may not be liked by other people?

What is your real issue?

If you don’t have vision, you will be out of business very soon and it is like a ship moving in
 unknown direction


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