Saturday, 30 January 2016


Unemployment has been a worldwide issue (most especially in Africa countries) though some countries had the opportunity to cub it to a minimum percentage.

One of the African countries ranked as the most poorest country in the world. In this country, people hardy get access to basic needs of life (Food, Shelter and Clothing). A country where you eat just to survive and not to nourish your body.

Streamlining this issue to Nigeria where there are resources and potential and able people, yet millions of youths and families still struggle and find it difficult to put food in their mouth daily. WHAT A COUNTRY!!!

We have higher percentage of people that live below the poverty line and spent less that a dollar ($1) in a day. I can not just phantom how families will go to bed with an empty stomach.

Sincerely, it high time we started addressing this issue of unemployment and declined standard of living by empowering the youths and even the adults.

I, Adelowo Ayodeji will give all what it takes to goad all potential youths and adults and mobilize them to a certified phase of economy through agriculture and business empowerment.

I believe this year "NIGERIAN WILL SMILE"


I see "POSSIBILITIES" and a better "WORLD"

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